Welcome to Ultima Skincare!
Located in beautiful downtown Dawson, MN.  Here at Ultima, we care about the health of your skin, which is why our philosophy surrounds giving the skin what it needs to be clean, clear and youthfully radiant.
We do not use harsh chemicals that deplete the skin of it's necessary protective barrier, but instead we offer products and services that nourish, soothe and provide excellent results.
Whether you're looking for a customized corrective or pampering facial treatment, or a CLEAN and friendly environment for all of your waxing/ sugaring needs - we personalize your services so YOU look and feel beautiful.



Introducing THERMOCLEAR: 
The advantage of using the ThermoClear is that it ONLY treats top layer of the skin (epidermis), leaving the lower layer (dermis) unaffected.
ThermoClear will treat Milia, Cherry Angioma, Spider Capilarries, Fibromas, Cholesterol Deposits, Sun/Age Spots, Keratosis and Skin Tags.
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